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Pet First Aid Kit

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Our First Aid Kit for your furry companion is your safeguard for outdoor emergencies. It's equipped with 72 necessary items like a pet thermometer, scissors, ice bag, elastic bandage, and more. Plus, it's made of durable polyester with a waterproof design for extra protection, making it lightweight and portable. Plus, the velcro strip makes it easy to attach to your pet's collar or backpack. Treating scrapes, strains, and cuts? We've got you and your pup covered!


Package List:

1 x Camo Bag
1 x Electric Pet Thermometer
1 x Scissors
1 x Tweeszer
1 x Emergency Blanket
1 x Splint
1 x Ice Bag
1 x Elastic Crepe Bandage(5cmx4.5m)
1 x First Aid Tape
1Pair x Vinyl Gloves
2 x Wooden Tongue Depressors
10 x Povidone-lodine Pads
10 x Sterile Non Woven Gauze Pads
10 x Iodine Cotton Swabs
30 x Adhesive Dressings Bandages